Save the Date Wedding Cards - Bespoke Wedding Invites
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Save the date wedding cards

Planning a wedding in this day and age takes a long time. Venues often have very long waiting lists, and both bride and groom often have packed work schedules to be taken into account. Add to this the fact that most of your guests no doubt live very busy lives, and you’ll see why many weddings are now being planned well over a year in advance. But how to let your guests know you’re getting married before you have any further information on the event? Originally an American trend, ‘Save the Date’ cards could prove the answer.

Designed to notify your guests of the date of your upcoming nuptials, Save the Date cards are ideal for couples wanting to give people time and opportunity to arrange their schedules around their wedding but don’t yet have enough details to send out a full wedding invitation. Perfect for couples with family living abroad, friends scattered around the country or anyone whose loved ones need plenty of notice to free themselves up for a wedding celebration, Save the Date cards are also a great way of building excitement and anticipation of your big day and making the celebrations last even longer.

At Cardeva we’re dedicated to helping you design beautiful bespoke Save the Date cards that really reflect your uniqueness and individuality as a couple. You’ll be invited to work with our experienced designers to create a custom card for your special day, whether you want something simple and monochrome or an elegant embossed design in silver or gold. Whatever your requirements, we can help you tell your guests you’re tying the knot in the most memorable and elegant way possible.