Indian Wedding Invitations and Wedding Cards
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Indian wedding Invitations for British weddings

Want to inject a little of the magic and mystery of the East into your wedding cards? At Cardeva one of our specialities is designing Indian-inspired wedding invitations. But even if you’re planning a traditional British wedding, these beautiful, elegant designs can add a fantastic element of glamour and class to the proceedings.

Every year, Indian culture is becoming more and more absorbed into the British mainstream, with Bollywood films and entertainment taking centre stage and everything from fashion to music drawing upon Indian inspirations. And with companies like matching up millions of couples around the world, it’s clear that they know a thing or two about romance as well. So why not add a little sparkle to your wedding with an invitation inspired by the spice and excitement of India?

Unlike the classic British wedding, an Indian wedding is a riot of colour with every shade under the sun to choose from. Taking inspiration from this in your wedding cards is sure to create a beautiful piece of stationery that will stand out from the crowd. Great for couples who want something a bit different, our Indian wedding card designs can be custom made to create something that really reflects you and your partner as a couple. Whether you want a luxurious design embossed in silver and gold or a riot of colours and patterns, we’ll work with you to create the perfect bespoke design.