5 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Invitations
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5 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Card

Planning a wedding? Your wedding card is the first impression that most of your guests will get – so make sure it’s up to scratch with our top five tips for the perfect wedding card:

1: Choose the right designer

While anyone can use programmes like Photoshop to put together a wedding invitation, couples in the know turn to professionals like Cardeva for bespoke personal designs. They’ll work with you to create beautiful, unique wedding stationery your guests are sure to treasure for years to come.

2: Pick your information

With your wedding card you want to charm and inspire your guests – not confuse them with a huge influx of information. So take some time to think about what your invitation needs to include. For example, many couples send out initial ‘Save the Date’ cards followed by more detailed information at a later date. A more modern alternative is to include hashtags and links to Facebook groups where further information can be found.

3: Add a wedding logo

Want to give your wedding a unique identity that will tie together everything from your invitations and stationery on the day to after-wedding items like photo albums, thank you letters and more? Why not work with Cardeva to design your very own wedding logo to represent your special day?

4: Choose a colour scheme

When you’re sending out your wedding cards you have a great opportunity to give the guests an insight into what to expect on the big day. By designing invitations in a colour scheme that matches the one you’ll be using at the wedding itself, you’ll give them plenty of opportunity to plan outfits and accessories to match.

5: Post your invitations

Very few people receive anything other than bills and official correspondence through the post these days, so delivering your invitations by mail or by hand can have a fantastic impact. For extra wow factor, why not fill the envelopes with little treats such as flower petals, packets of seeds or sweets?