Cardeva: Why I Chose the Name Cardeva
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Cardeva: What inspired me to name the brand

When I decided that I wanted to start my own business, the most difficult part was choosing a name! I had all the relevant necessities in place to become active but just could not think of a name that would be easy to remember as well as be associated to the products that I was advertising.

The Name – Cardeva

It took a lot of thinking assisted by lots of tea (and chocolate) to come to my final decision. Cardeva originates from my surname ‘Randeva’. Naturally as I was starting a business associated with cards also wanted that to be part of the name. From this simple pairing of words I had finally managed to name my brand. From this ‘Cardeva’ was born.

Target Market

The next task was to identify my target market, products and last but not least branding. Traditionally, many brides to be would travel to India to do their wedding shopping. I absolutely love India, there is exceptional choice and a variety in almost everything you can imagine, but when it comes to timescales, consistency and communication there is simply no concept of this! I have heard many horror stories and in simple terms, sometimes you do not always get what you are paying for, and if you are paying next to nothing for something you are likely to get next to nothing.

Cardeva- The Brand!

I decided very early on in starting the business that I wanted to provide a luxury service to my clients. I wanted to share my creative flair and design bespoke invitations using the latest techniques and ideas. Not only this I wanted to offer my clients the best possible experience in choosing their invitations and make the experience as hassle free as possible. Whilst I have been met with a few hurdles along the way, my main focus is to embody what I truly believe, which is to share your journey of love through your invitations.

First Impression

Like anything, we like to have visual contact with products. I decided to display my logo on every invitation, for me this was extremely important as it shows that I am proud of what I have created and happy to put my name to it. I wanted the logo to ooze sophistication, royalty and a bit of sassiness, this is perfectly conveyed through a prominent crown and with a unique name such as Cardeva you can expect nothing less than perfection.

Learn more about the Founder of Cardeva, Gurinder Randeva.