5 steps to the best wedding cards - Cardeva
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5 steps to the best wedding cards

At Cardeva we understand how important your wedding is to you, wanting every fine detail to be just perfect. For this reason we help brides and grooms-to-be share the news of the big day in an explosive manner, creating stunning cards that are stylish and celebratory.

Wish such planning having to go into every part of your big day we like to think of ourselves as a helping hand, making invitation shopping a hassle-free part of the process. If you are at that stage where you want to start spreading the word then we hope our advice can help.

1: Numbers

You cannot start thinking about wedding cards before you now your numbers. Only then can you gain an idea of what your wedding card budget can stretch to and the type of card that will best reflect the celebrations ahead.

2: Choose a theme

You will want the theme of your wedding to be apparent through the wedding invite, gearing guests up for the most celebratory occasion of the year. By getting to know our customers we at Cardeva can relay the personality of your wedding through design, suggesting ways to evoke emotion in all that have the pleasure of opening a wedding card.

3: Colour

The colour you choose has a huge bearing on the image you convey to your guests. For example if you go for a plain, simple card people can expect to attend a more refined, intimate occasion. However, if they are presented with a vibrant, sizeable invite with attachments and decorations they will think they are going to a loud, more fun-focused affair.

4: Embellishments

Sprucing up wedding cards is essential to us; always do our best to come up with out of the box ideas. By adding jewels, sequins, tassels and lace you can turn your wedding card from a boring piece of card to a stunning keepsake.

5: Content

Think carefully about what you write inside the card, you may want to write something personal for those important guests, then create generic content for the rest.

Once you have decided on all of the above be sure to get shopping with Cardeva and see your creative vision brought to life.