Sikh Wedding Cards - Punjabi Wedding Cards in UK by Cardeva
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Sikh and Punjabi Wedding Cards

If you want your wedding card to reflect you and your culture then it may be worth thinking carefully about what language you wish your cards to be written in. If you have many guests flying over from other countries then we advise that you put a card content plan together, creating cards in accordance to traditions, faiths and your guest’s mother tongue.

With that extra effort being made your friends and family will be pleasantly surprised, seeing that you have gone to the effort to speak to them directly, respecting their culture and language.With British-Asian fusion weddings we have found that cards with both English and Punjabi pages in work very well, allowing guests to experience both the British and Asian side of your lifestyle.

This also a very authentic idea, seeing guests admire the efforts you have put into your wedding cards, thinking if the standard of the card is so high, so will the rest of the wedding. It is also a fun experience for British guests to get an insight into your way of life, electrifying in the beautiful colours, textures and words of Punjab.

If you are in need of help with the translation of words for your cards then there is no need to worry. We at Cardeva have a great in-house team that can help plan the words you wish to bless your guests with, ensuring that your cards deliver joy to all that read them.

If you have a very particular vision of how your sikh wedding cards should look and read like then be sure to contact Cardeva today. We can create a unique design with your own couple’s logo, inventive design and creative wording. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then feel free to call us today for some impartial advice.